New galleries and more!

I uploaded hell a lot today and yesterday! 🙂

  • New galleries uploaded: Sleepover Ahri for Styling Cosplays and Ty Lee for Crafted costumes!
  • Uploaded a page and details for Kuroyukihime, still working on some photo edits before uploading them!
  • Added a new page about my name and wrote the “how to invite me?” page
  • Added a “My Stories” page to gallery pages, where I will show some photos of my own characters in my own stories. They even got a new frame color, turquoise! Most of them are only like modelling photos, not really cosplays, those photos will be only for fans of my stories.
  • I finally found out how to hide the “about the author” thing under my pages ^^

Now I will work on all my galleries, need hell a lot of retouch 🙁

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