Arwen’s Dream Gown

My favorite female character was Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings, but I still liked Arwen too. She is a real beauty with her dark hair and snow white skin! I realized long ago that some days I see Liv Tyler in my mirror when I look into it, but I decided to cosplay Arwen when I met three little sisters, who called me Arwen on a Hungarian event: Tolkien’s Day.

Back then I helped a cosplay friend to make this dress, so I already knew how to do it, and she had enough spare fabric to sell me so I made the costume’s first version. I didn’t really like it, somehow I felt something off, so I completely remade the entire costume: I bought my very first lace front wig for it, and got a brand new fabric. I even bought my overlock machine that time, so I decided to sew the edges with it!

Now I am very happy with the result, because I think it became soo beautiful!

Q & A:

Is it hard to wear it? – Not at all! The dress is comfy, but a little bit tight, so I have to fix that part. But besides that, it is easy to wear, and if I hold the fabric with my hands, I can even easily walk in it! The lace front wig i not a big issue if I can glue it well enough.

Is it available now for a convention? – Of course! But I only take this dress to a convention if it is warm enough to wear it. I don’t want to freeze to death, so I choose carefully where to take this cosplay.

Is it hard to bring this cosplay to far away? – Absolutely not! I can easily pack it even in a small backpack!

Will you upgrade this cosplay? – Not really, or only that fixing the tightness part maybe. It is already upgraded!

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