I did many cosplays, some of them are made by hand and have a lot of work, some of them were great ideas for using my styling mania! 🙂 Some of them are characters from my own fantasy universe, some of them are my own original desgin ideas.

Convention Cosplays

These cosplays are available for conventions, they are complete, or need just a minor upgrade, but I can finish them in time. I like to bring them for bigger conventions, because the characters are well known, and the cosplay looks nice and is easy to recognize. This does not mean that I will not take them to smaller events, if I am asked to or I want to. Some of these cosplays are hard to move in or take with me, so some of them are absolutely not recommended to smaller events with not much space.


Small convention cosplays

These cosplays are available for conventions, but they are not so big work, and I can take them with me easily. The fact that they are mostly for “small” conventions does not mean that I will not take them to big ones, if I want or I am asked for. It just means, that I recommend to ask these for smaller events.

Guest Wishlist

These cosplays are mostly ready, but they need some bigger upgrades, I don’t plan to do until I am invited as a guest for a convention and the organizers and guests are asking for this cosplay. There are costumes which I want to upgrade and I am already working on, but I still have to finish it before bringing it to a convention, and it is not on my priority list until someone asks for it.


Photoshoot cosplays

This cosplays were made for photoshoots only, so I don’t plan to bring them to a convention, until someone asks for it.

Small photoshoot cosplays

These cosplays were made for photoshoots, and I don’t recommend them to any conventions. You can still check the photos here! They are mostly original characters or designs, not so well known characters, or well known characters, but in a very easy outfit (like a white shirt, necktie and wig).

Traditional wear photos

I really like to wear traditional dresses, because I like all the culture of the nations. My dream is to have a photoshoot in more traditional outfits, even if it is just a borrowed one!


Model photos

Sometimes I am asked for be a model, because people think that it is easy to work with me, and I am really helpful and patient when someone has to practice photography! These are some of my works.




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