Styling cosplays

I call them stying cosplays because these outfits are not just only pulled out of my wardrobe. Okay, mostly they are, but I spend really lot of time to find the perfect pieces to the character. For example, Abby Sciuto from NCIS is a goth, that’s clear. But she has her own style, you can’t say that she is this or that kind of goth. I searched a lot about her outfits and style and found out that the dresser and the actress made a very unique wardrobe for her. So I needed to watch the series again and look careful what kind of clothes she wears, find those in my wardrobe or in shops what looks like something she would wear, try it on, decide that it is not okay, not enough Abby-like outfit and continue the searching until I think it is perfect. Then I need to get or make the accessories, or have nice friends who can help out, and go to a convention or a photoshoot! 🙂
These are my actual wardrobe cosplays:

W - Debonair Ahri Snow Princess S - Abby Jessie   

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