Sep 16 – Sep 17 all-day

I attended HungaroCon as Tony Stark :3 More info incoming soon!

MondoCon @ Hungexpo
Oct 7 – Oct 8 all-day

I will attend on MondoCon! πŸ™‚

Vienna Comic Con
Nov 18 – Nov 19 all-day

I arrived home from Vienna Comic Con 2017 yesterday, but we were really tired with my husband and Living dream Project team members. Now it is monday, I drank my coffee (okay, only the half of it), and trying to collect some energy to put away all my cosplays left in the living room! So I started to write my first summary about the event to my own page. (I will upload a Hungarian one later to Living Dream Project website too!)

My teammates on the event were Heniko Cosplay (also known as Heniko Photography), Junko Lavender, Atismedia and of course my dear husband!


We arrived to Wien on Friday. We wanted to sleep there, so we had time to iron our outfits and put our bags down at the apartment. We even dressed up there, so we had more time on the event. On Friday we had still some work with my wings, and when we were ready to put it in the car, my husband asked if I can put it in. It was hard, but we managed it! It got some scars, but at least survived the trip! We arrived a little bit late to the apartment, and were really tired. I cooked a lot of spaghetti to the team, Junko helped me to iron my Hiccup top a little bit, and I tried to fix my wig. We had time to search for all our accessories, and be ready for Saturday!


I had a really bad sleep, because I was so frustrated about the weekend. My wings were not completely ready for Sunday, and as it happens sometimes, I had nightmares about getting late, or my costume falls apart because I made it badly (not happened in years but I still have nightmares about it πŸ˜€ ), so I slept not really much. I was soo tired, but at least while I had my morning coffee, Heniko had time to do her makeup. I was still really nervous, so I had no appetite. We dressed up at the apartment and finally after 10:00 (a little bit later as we planned) we left the place and traveled to the Con!

Liui and me with the Snow Crescents!
Liui and me with the Snow Crescents! Photo: Atismedia

After we arrived I had to leave my friends because I had Press pass, so Wesker (My partner at Ani-Mania from Kontakt Radio) found me and helped me to get my pass and introduced me to the staff members. After I arrived back to the group they got their pass too already, so we were going back to the car, left our coats there and got Heniko’s weapon.

We walked around and checked the stores. I searched for Liui first, because I wanted a photo with him. We were both cosplaying Hiccup, he was the older one from second movie so I decided to bring the first movie version. When he saw me he was really happy, so we made lot of videos and photos together, and when I told him that I am a blue-haired girl who commented to his post about the convention, he checked my hair under the wig! A little bit later I had a chance to give him some sweets (because a little bird named Nana Kuronoma said before that he likes sweet things). These sweets were a kind of Hungarian cookies named “HΓ³kifli”, in English they can be translated as “Snow crescent”. They tried to say it, it was really funny, and really liked its sweetness, and the plum fillings in it. I wanted to have a print too, but he was a little bit lazy to pack them out (haha), but he told me when he will arrive back to his table. So we had some time with my friends to look around and check the stores!

Hiccup with Toothless
We found a scene to make some photos! Perfect mood to Hiccup! Photo: Heniko

Junko really liked all the stuffed things there, and I found some funny things too. Of course we were searching for anime figures, because my husband collects them and I hoped he will find something he likes. (He did not. Too high standards. πŸ˜› ) We tried to stay together, only Atismedia left so he can do photos easier. After some rest and eating a little bit, all of us ran around a little bit, so while the others were still sitting at a table, I had a chance to run back to Liui and get a print and check the other cosplayers’ photos too! I bought a Rapunzel print from Ilunaneko and checked the photos of GrumpyCait too, but she was not there, and I wanted to get an autograph at least. Next to her I met the people from Cohaku magazine and realized that Elyon, one of my favorite Hungarian cosplayers’ photo was just on the first magazine’s cover, so I was really happy to see it. I wanted to have a print from Okkido too, but she closed her store for that day.

All the prints I bought!
All the prints I bought! Photo: me of course

I arrived back with prints to the friends and had some more rest when Junko met a Cat Noir cosplayer. He was soooo amazing! :O So finally she asked a photo with the guy after we said her to do it. She was cosplaying “A” Ladybug (not that Ladybug from Miraculous), but after all, she was still A ladybug! 

When the rest time was over, we had nothing to do really, so we looked for the artist’s stores with my husband, hoping that we will like some of the drawings there. And yes, I got two beautiful drawings! I fell in love with them! It is amazing, how many great artists are out there! Not only cosplayers, all kind of artists!

At the end of the day we were going back to the apartment, had some rest and comfortable clothes, and we started to glue up the small fluffy feathers to my wing finally!


(coming soon – I have something to do now πŸ˜‰ )

MondoCon Winter @ Hungexpo
Jan 13 all-day

I will work on MondoCon again in winter, and I decided to cosplay Ron Weasley in his upgraded form! πŸ™‚ New wig, new robe, nearly full outfit!

MondoCon Spring 2018 @ Hungexpo
Apr 7 – Apr 8 all-day

I will be there again, more info will come soon!

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