About the name

There is a question I always get, like all the other cosplayers. How did my name come? I will tell you now!

In 2002 I started to play a game. It was a silly little fun game including some roleplay, we played it online. So you had a character, an optional choice for a title (“something of something, like guardian/god/goddess/fool/etc of the throne/playground/universe/galaxy/forest/etc, both choices were optional). I never played a game like that before, didn’t even know what roleplay is. It turned out that I LOVE playing RPG! But for registering (after someone told me it is a good game) I needed a name. I was wondering when checked the title options and saw “Galaxy”, and I was like “oh, that’s it, I will use that”, because I wanted to be an astronomer that time. Then I mixed it up with my name, Christina, so it is Galax-ina! I even have my own story for that character, she was an angel because I love angels and unicorns and those stuff (she had a unicorn friend of course) and Galaxina became my lifetime character for nearly all the games I played and my official online nickname.

But why Galaxina “style”?

Because I made the site originally for styling works. I wanted to show some styling skills for other people, but some months later I fell into cosplay and could never come out of it! I decided to keep the name because I don’t really like to be like others, and Galaxina “cosplay” sounds sooooo common, and with this name I can still show my styling skills to people!

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