This girl was my second cosplay made fully by me. I had a lot of time for finishing Laurea Silme as my first fully made by me cosplay, so I thought I will finish Kuroyukihime in time easily, but I ran out of time really, I even borrowed Haru from Heniko. To be honest, I hated the positive “it is so beautiful” comments because I expected much better work from myself, and I didn’t think that I deserved those comments. I am still planning to do a rework soon, now I think I know much much more and I am better. The dress is still in my wardrobe, I dropped the wings out because I hated them the most, they look nothing like the wings in my mind. But now I know what I want to do! 🙂

All the photos were taken in 2014, on a very hot summer day! ^^’

Q & A:

Is it hard to wear it? – Totally! I can’t even walk in that outfit! I had the shoes with the butterflies on for a half day then I changed to my sandals because the butterflies stuck to the skirt and to each other while walking. I didn’t move too much that day, and not only because all the people were taking photos of me…

Is it available now for a convention? – Nope. After the rework maybe. But if you want me to bring her to a convention, tell me, and give me maybe… at least a half year to rework her 😀

Is it hard to bring this cosplay to far away? – Yes, totally. At least now. I plan to do the rework so that I can put the cosplay in a suitcase or backpack…

Will you upgrade this cosplay? – From tip to toe! I can’t even say a part of it that I don’t want to rework :/

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