Ron Weasley

Watch the faces carefully! They are not the faces of pretty girls.. 😉 (I don’t know who made it, but many thanks for all the people!)

It started with the photo on the right. Can you see it? No? I will explain!

Blossom looks like me here. All my friends told me that, and for a moment I thought I found my doppelganger or something like that. I started to be excited because that time I planned to cosplay Blossom too, just didn’t find any friends for Bubbles and Buttercup. Then I started to check out the two other girls and realized that something is just not right. They look so… weird. And why does Buttercup wear Harry Potter’s glasses…? Wait… Buttercup HAS Harry’s face, and Bubbles totally looks like… Draco. So I realized, that this photo is a joke, a face swap where Blossom is RON! That means now that I look like… Ron?

We laughed soooo much, and I started to get some accessories and planned to sew the robe. People liked me when I was cosplaying Ron, even with a bad quality wig and not full outfit too, they say that even my moves and talking is totally Ron, they simply fell in love with my acting.

Now in 2018 January I finally finished my robe in 3 days (1 day patterns drawing, 1.5 day sewing), and I cosplayed him in nearly full outfit at the MondoCon Winter on 13th January!

Anyway… this was the first time when I had problems because my eyelashes and eyebrows were too dark and visible, and my wig was not messy enough…


Q & A:

Is it hard to wear it? – Not really. Chest binding is hard after a day…

Is it available now for a convention? – Yupp, totally! He is freshly finished, so it is no problem to wear him!

Is it hard to bring this cosplay to far away? – Nope. I can easily pack it in a backpack or suitcase. I just need some ironing maybe before I take it on!

Will you upgrade this cosplay? – Yup! I want to buy an original sweater in London. Last time when I was there and visited the Museum, I had not enough money for it 🙁 And I want to resew the bottom of the robe too, and maybe get new pants and shoes…

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