Pool Party Sona

I think, this is the most epic cosplay I made when I write this (2018 January). It was really lot of work, because I needed to plan all the details carefully!

Most people when do a Pool Party skin to a hero from League of Legends, they put on a bikini, grab their weapons maybe, or not, put on a wig and makeup, and yaay, cosplay is ready. While I have no problems with that kind of Pool Party cosplays, I am really into LOL skin planning, because I like to grab the style of the hero and rework the accessories to match the skin! When I wanted to make a Pool Party cosplay, I was thinking about how I could turn the accessories into something usable. You know, like Leona’s surf desk shield and beach umbrella sword! So ideas came, and we were joking about Sona selling ice creams. And it became more less a joke.

Sona was my main hero in League of Legends, I liked her story and abilities too, so when I planned her outfit, I even planned her abilities! That’s why I decided to sell three kind of ice creams, all for her main ability colors: Q was Blueberry for blue, W was Lime for green (and you know, lime ice cream refreshes your body on a hot day, so it is really healing flavor), and E became Raspberry for the purple color. And I think her ultimate would be really funny with the Family Frost sign! So at the end I used my mobile phone and a bluetooth speaker, and yes, I can play the sign with my cosplay! πŸ˜‰ And I imagine Sona in fights, where she drops Blueberry ice cream globes to the enemy, Lime ice cream globes to low HP teammates and Raspberry globes to all the teammates for speeding up! πŸ™‚

For her outfit, I wanted to get her skirt and the 4 ribbons on it somehow, but a little bit changed. Those ribbons are on all of her skins except the DJ Sona, you know! So I got a muslin fabric, it is 7m 30cm long, and I pulled it together at 4 points. I even have sea stars there to make it more fancy! πŸ™‚ At the bottom of the skirt I used crinoline to have some cool waves, because it is much more sea-like, and I really like the move of the muslin with crinoline bottom!

For her top I had two problems. For first: I don’t have Sona’s boob size. I have A/B cup (B, but closer to A than C…), and Sona has like… I don’t know…much more huge boobs… so I needed a really big support there. I planned her top to look like that because I needed to hide the edges of the fake boobs, and because I know that Sona is very shy anyway, so she would not wear a too revealing bikini. The bottom part is pointy of the top because it gives the optical illusion to make my waist look much more thinner and it makes my boobs look much more big! For first I used a big bra and put socks in it, but the bikini held it down. Then I had the idea to use a polystyrene globe (that one from hobby stores), and it did the work! Okay, it hurts after a day a little bit, but they look simply awesome and we had a lot of fun with it! ^^

Later we gave some details to the costume, like the painting on her ice cream counter. The music notes at my belly show the Family Frost sign, and the longer music notes on the outer side of the counter show the Hawaiian song “Aloha oe”, because I really like it, it is beautiful! I painted them with hands. Another fun fact, that while the counter is matte white, it has some painting with pearl white about ice creams, cocktails and another little funny figures! ^^

For first my wig looked like a normal Sona hair, later I decided to wear them braided, because it is much more easier to take the counter off and on for having a little rest, when my ponytails are braided. And it is still an original skin, so why not? πŸ™‚

Q & A:

Is it hard to wear it? – Just a little bit. The counter is not really heavy, but I can’t move too easily with it, and I don’t see my legs, so it is really hard to take stairs with the cosplay.

Is it available now for a convention? – Yes, if I can stay in a warm place. I mostly wear the cosplay in the summer because it is summer themed, but if you want to see me in it on a convention in a cold time, then it should have at least well heated places where I can spend the time without catching a cold! It needs some minor repairs now, so I can’t bring it “tomorrow”…

Is it hard to bring this cosplay to far away? – Yup, the counter needs at least a car to bring it there, it is not available for public transport. That’s why I had to miss a lot of Pool Party events, nobody had a car to take me there. πŸ™

Will you upgrade this cosplay? – I don’t think so. Just the minor repairs are needed!

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