Cosplaying career

When did it start?

I count my cosplay career from my Laurea Silme cosplay. It was my first costume fully made by me (only little parts needed some help, like painting the ears to my skin tone). It was in 2014, on MondoCon spring, but I attended conventions and dressed up in costumes more years ago too. I am active on conventions since 2013 summer, that MondoCon event pulled me into cosplay. I never dreamed about being famous then, but it just hopped in my life before I could realize what happened. I made friends on MondoCon in 2013, and started to sew some parts of a Christmas angel dress, where people asked why I don’t go to a cosplay competition, and I answered: because it is not fully made by me!

What happened since then?

I did a lot of cosplays on my own. I started to learn what not to do, how not to rush to finish a cosplay. I met a lot of people and started to work on the biggest hungarian convention MondoCon with photographers. (To be true, my 2013 Christmas Angel was already a part of that work!) We made Living Dream Project, a a cosplay photography group to give a chance to cosplayers without professional photos to have them without paying. And they were happy 🙂

I started to learn how to use different materials, and started to stand up for other cosplayers. I saw a lot of problems like bullying and having troubles with others and started to fight for the non-professional cosplayers. I write articles now.

I was asked to be cosplay judge to small events and competitions, but I realized that I LOVE to be on stage! I tried to fulfill that dream, and I partly made it. Now I work on MondoCon as a presenter on the Geek & Craft stage.

Laurea Silme slide
Cosplay: Laurea Silme. Photographer: Lord Halgor. Headdress: Hora Cosplay

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