Cosplay related activities

I do not only cosplay, I do a lot of other things! Yes, really lot, so I don’t really have time for doing my cosplays all the time. But I think it is not sad thing because I like to do these things and it helps a lot to other people! So I would never stop it! Do you want to know what I do? Here you are!

Cosplay Photography Organizing

I made a cosplay photography group: Living Dream Project. We have circa 20 persons in our group now, and it is growing! Nearly all of us are cosplayers or people who like cosplay and want to help. Our photographers are interested in cosplay photography, some of them are cosplayers too! I am the CEO of the group, so I do the most work there now. We organize photoshoots for cosplayers, planning to make cosplay videos and install photo walls on events and conventions.


I write articles too in Hungarian, mostly about that “Cosplay is for everyone”, but I write tutorials too.

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