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About me

I am a Hungarian cosplayer, born in 1984, in a small city of Hungary. Now I work as a cosplayer and webpage developer.

The start

My original costume, where I mixed traditional Hungarian clothing with Lolita style – Photo: Csaba Varga

While I started my cosplay career officially in 2013, I was already into wearing costumes and play a character many years ago. I could say, I always loved to dress up as someone else and play that role, but I had no chance to be an actress because it seemed always something far away, so I never really thought about acting. Later, after my graduation I found role play games and started to spread my wings, I dressed up as my characters on events, and I loved to play how they would react. A little bit later, in 2007 I was invited by a friend to a local anime event, where there were many cosplayers and a contest too, and after seeing them on Saturday, I dressed up in my gothic aristocrat outfit on Sunday, with a black cape, made by my mother. I had not much time later to attend these events, and I never knew how to find these events, so I missed many years. I met a photographer in 2013, who wanted to do some gothic and costume photoshoots with me, and because I already had corsets and some lolita outfits too, he asked me to dress up three professional models for a photoshoot. That made me start my facebook page as a stylist, which became later my cosplayer page too. I decided to learn how to sew, and make cute outfits for myself, so I started with the basics. At that time my friend who invited me to that anime event asked me if I want to go with her again, and I said yes, so we made a wardrobe cosplay and attended MondoCon. When I hopped back in this world, I suddenly felt that I want to make cosplays too, so I started to plan my original costumes, while I still styled many cosplay outfits, and started to learn modelling and organizing photoshoots with that photographer under the name “Living Dream Project”. At the end of 2013 another friend asked me if I could invite some Lord of the Rings cosplayers to their movie premiere event, but I knew only one personally, so I invited him and made a blouse and cape in a week to dress up as an elf lady (inspired by Galadriel), and I got many positive feedbacks to that dress and to my original Christmas Angel, half made by me. After that I decided to make some finishing touches to the elf lady and join the cosplay competition on MondoCon.

Laurea Silme was my first cosplay made by me – Photo: Bálint Katona


After I was nominated to the best original cosplay prize on MondoCon with my first costume, I started to feel that competing is not really made for me. I gave it a try later on smaller events, but it never felt so good to compete. I love the stage and love to be on it, but I felt that I want to cosplay with friends and not “against them”. After these years I still can’t forget how bad my friends felt because they didn’t got any nomination, and I realized that I don’t really care about the prizes or winning. I never wanted to defeat any of my friends in a competition because I wanted to see their smile and not cause their sadness, so I decided to leave competitions to those who like it. And why should I do that if I don’t want to win anyway?

Trying something different

So I was happy with my nomination, and made other costumes, but it was really hard to get a “name” in this community without winning many competitions. Many people said that I didn’t do anything big, even after I made many costumes. I was (and am) still into styling, so I made many costumes with only shopping or using what I found in my wardrobe, and for many people that was a bad thing back then. Even buying costumes were not okay. I still organized Living dream Project, and I did it nearly alone or with just one friend’s help, so I had not so much time to sew and craft. But I still wanted to go on stage, and someone gave me the idea to try myself out on stage as and anchorwoman. I got many help from my friends, so I started my career on the Geek & Craft stage on MondoCon and got many experience since then.


For nearly a year I worked with Gábor Vörös for Ani-Mánia, a Hungarian radio show about cosplay, anime and Japan. I introduced South-Korea and K-pop to the people once a month. I had no time to work with Gábor anymore, but we are still friends and sometimes I help him out when he needs a voice for dubbed cosplayer interviews. I was a Hungarian voice for many well known cosplayers and made an interview with some of them myself!

Workshops and more

Generation Ahri on VIECC – Vienna Comic Con – Photo: Hagakure Photography

After graduation I started to study astronomy on ELTE in Budapest. While I never finished it (changed to webpage programming), I learnt many things there, like how to make a presentation, how to stand in front of many people and talk about things. I became much better with time, and I can use this as a cosplayer too, because I was asked many times to hold a workshop or just talk about things in front of many people. It was a great opportunity too for teaching others, which I really love to do, it is a great feeling to see how people become much more confident and good in cosplaying. For me, teaching people or encourage them to do what they love to do and be much better in it with every day, every try, is a really great feeling. If they can achieve their goals, I feel like I achieved mine, and it is really like that, because one of my biggest goals is this. I want to be more known in cosplay so I can tell these positive words to many more people. I am really happy every time when organizers ask me to teach or talk about something, so I can give something to fellow cosplayers and see how they get a positive change after that!

I even made a cosplay with my wedding dress! It is my original costume, the real Galaxina – Photo: Magga Camera


While I just started to make commissions, I already worked with many wigs. I really like to handle them, turn them into an art of beauty, make them looking just like the character. Many cosplayers leave that part out, especially bangs, so I really love to do this part, and really like to see if others do this too. I have many friends and acquaintances who ask my help with wigs, and one of my most relaxing activity is to brush and iron them, so they will look like brand new ones, and style them to look like the characters. I love to do it too so I can cosplay many characters with the same wig! It is especially good if I already have the outfit at home (like Amane Misa). I plan to sew and craft too later, when I open commissions, and make my own items, like the cute Poro-bag, and other bags and accessories designed by me.

Abroad conventions

In 2016 I had a chance to attend VIECC – Vienna Comic Con for the first time, where I had a chance to meet Yaya Han, my ultimate cosplay senpai, and I was really glad, it gave me much energy to work harder. After that, I attended VIECC every year, and realized that I would really love if I can become a guest on a convention abroad, so I can meet new people and encourage them to follow their cosplay dreams, just as Yaya Han did it to me. Receiving made me want to give even more. So now I am planning to travel a little bit more abroad and hope that soon I can be invited as a guest!

Activities on conventions

I really like to be active on conventions and do something extra while visiting one. I like to go on stage and make a show, or do a workshop about anything I can do, or just simply have a booth where I can talk with people about cosplay or something fun. I do this usually in Hungary, so I talk mostly Hungarian. These are the activities I did in Hungary and Hungarian conventions already:

  • I manage Living Dream Project (LDP), which is a cosplay helping and photoshoot group. If cosplayers need some information about anything related to cosplay, we can help them out. If we can’t help physically (like do a commission to them), we can still give information about that (like telling who is the best for that commission). With LDP we have a booth at MondoCon nearly every time (four times a year), where we show our works, and make some small photoshoots with people who ask for it. We don’t judge, we want to help people who are not professional in cosplay, so we make photos of them even if they are not so skilled. We want to see the happy smiles, and give some help with the start too. We encourage everybody to do their dream cosplays!
  • I work as an anchorwoman on MondoCon with my friend, so we have some stage experience. In september 2019 I was the anchorwoman on HungaroCon’s cosplay convention.
  • I had many presentations and workshops on Hungarian conventions like MondoCon, HungaroCon, and many other smaller cosplayer events before. I talk about many things, like posing for a photo (for beginners, so I talk about the basics), using styling abilities for making a cosplay (It is not only wardrobe-cosplay tips, but a kind of “how to get a great costume from local shopping” tips, great for beginners or for people with not much sewing and crafting skills), sewing basics (how to make your work look professional, small tips for constantly faced problems), how to use optical illusions in cosplay (mostly for original costumes or choosing the costume), and I introduced LDP in a presentation too. Now we started a Youtube podcast with my friends from Generation of Legends, where we talk about nearly all the things about cosplay and try to bring understanding and friendly attitude to the cosplay community. I want to talk more about wigs too, because I think it is a really important part of a costume.
  • I introduced LDP and cosplay in TV interviews too, I even talked in a live broadcast in the Hungarian national television (MTVA) with my cosplayer friends. Some interviews were convention interviews.
  • I work many times on gamer conventions like PlayIT Show and V4 Future Sports Fest as a Cosplay Hostess. I already worked for Omen by HP, K&H Bank and Tungsram at their booths as a hostess, and I am constantly invited back. In 2019 June I even brought my cosplay parts to PlayIT Show for K&H Bank’s photo wall, where visitors had the chance to use cosplayer accessories for the photo.

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