Generation of Legends Portfolio

Several years ago I had an idea, and I started to work on it. It was based on League of Legends’ Popstar Ahri, or the skin Generation Ahri, which is not only based on one of the biggest Kpop girl group, Girls’ Generation, but Popstar Ahri has her dance moves from the girls’ song: Genie, and she teleports back with Seohyun’s finishing moves from the choreography. So I had an idea for making the entire group with League of Legends heroes and learn the dance and started to collect my teammates.

It was a really hard work. Many people left the group early, or they were just not the members I searched for, but after 5 years I finally found 8 other members for it. Originally I asked someone for Ahri because she already had the costume, but when that member (who is not in the group anymore) wanted to change heroes, the group asked me to be Ahri, because they thought I would look good, I am passionate enough to dance with her tail, and I am the head of this project, the mother, the leader. There were still some members who were not the best dancers or left the group because of different reasons, but in 2018 October we finally managed to make a shortened version of Genie and dance on stage on MondoCon. (We were invited to a Hungarian festival too to Nyáregyháza in September where we had the same dance with one missing member, two of our teammates sang a song, one member had a fire dance performance and our best dancer had a solo performance at the end.)

Since then we lost some more members sadly, but six of us are still really passionate. We made a Girls’ Generation mix where we have only parts with our main characters from the group and working hard on this choreography.

Our actual cosplaying members are:

  • Galaxina as Ahri, dancing as Seohyun
  • Heniko as Lux, dancing as Yoona
  • Scope as Riven, dancing as Hyoyeon
  • DianaSaw as Nidalee (enrolled from Zyra), dancing as Taeyeon (enrolled from Jessica)
  • Buttercup as Katarina, dancing as Tiffany
  • Hora as Jinx, dancing as Sooyoung
  • Dya Smiling as Annie (enrolled from Miss Fortune), dancing solos as firedancer (enrolled from Yuri)
  • XiaoMei Art’s Xiaoling as Caitlyn, Photographer
  • XiaoMei Art’s Meifeng as Diana, Assistant
  • Grizzly Davidson as Tibbers, Manager and Handybear

Some photos of the team:

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