Who am I and why would you invite me for your event?

It is not an easy question. There are many cosplayers who are professionals, have awesome photos, prints and can hold a workshop on your event, and I definetely want to be that kind of cosplayer! I don’t want to say things like “I am better in this and this then others”, because I really hate to be compared to others, so I don’t want to do it to myself or to anybody else. I think, cosplay is for everyone, there are just different goals as a cosplayer, and it is okay if someone doesn’t want to be a “cosplay idol”, just like it is okay too if someone wants to travel to different countries and teach others!

And these are my goals. I love to travel, love to talk with different cosplayers, love everything about this. I want to help others to find out how they can solve a problem in cosplaying, I want them to know that this hobby is awesome, I want to give them courage to start it and never give up. I want to be that kind of cosplayer who builds the community in a very positive way. Of course I have my own opinions about cosplay and cosplaying, but I always say that this is only my opinion, and different people think different, I try to stay objective as much as I can.

In the last few years we started to travel to abroad conventions with my friend Heniko Cosplay, and we really fell in love with it! We would gladly travel to any conventions, if we are invited there as a guest, we are already working on our print stores and convention costumes, where we have many matching ones, like Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger (telling everyone that Harry is now doing different things like searching for horcruxes and that he is under his invisible cloak), Tony Stark and Pepper Potts (in formal), Ahri and Lux in many matching skins, or our original Sith Sisters and many more.

What do you get with inviting me?

I have many strengths as a person and a cosplayer too! So if you invite me as a guest, you will get the following:

  • As a student I already learnt how to give a proper presentation. If I have to talk about something on stage, it will be professional, university quality. I am not only good in making a PowerPoint presentation as it should look, I also learnt how to talk about my presentation well.
  • I can talk about the topic very interesting. My father is a teacher and many of his students claimed that he talks very good, informative, interesting, they like to listen to him while talking, it is good to hear his voice. My friends and people who already heard me giving a presentation told the same about me.
  • I know many things about many topics. All parts are interesting for me, so I know very much about cosplay. Not only making it! I know about tricks, about psychology, and many other areas which can be important in cosplaying, I know how these things affect people who cosplay. I like to lift people up, I like to help them to be happy and feel good, so I always support people who are afraid to start cosplaying because they think they are too old, too big, too small, too something, what is absolutely not important in cosplaying.
  • I can do that presentation with my friend and traveling partner, Heniko too, so we can talk together about the topics she is good at also.
  • I have some talent in acting. People tell me that when I do a cosplay, I not only put the costume on, I wear it, I move and act like the character naturally. I make the same facial expressions really well, I have similar movements. Sadly, these are not really visible on photos.
  • I like to talk with people. Just having some chit-chat, or even deep conversations. So I will not spend the whole event behind the scenes, I will be out there, socializing, making photos together, having fun, telling them how awesome they are. I am a really good support for people who have low self-esteem, who think their work is crap, or they will never be better than they are now. I already have the answers for all of these things, and they are working. I can also tell these in a way where it is easy to understand these things, I don’t use “big words”, just a very casual language.
  • I am also a mother, which is very rare with active professional cosplayers. If I get the needed support from the organizers, I can even bring my little one with me!

So what do I do as a cosplayer besides cosplaying?

  • I am an Anchorwoman, mostly on MondoCon in Budapest, and I am very confident on stage because I had presentations many times on different conventions in Hungary. They said I am a good teacher and my presentations were always informative and good to listen to.
  • I like to work with wigs, so I know many tricks about styling.
  • I really love to do original concepts from wardrobes (I call it “styling cosplay”, because it is not about taking out some random clothes, it is about finding a character’s own style, decide what that character would wear, and create my own outfit for that character), so I can tell many tricks.
  • I can retouch my own photos too, so I am good in editing cosplay photos.
  • I worked as a cosplay hostess many times, I also tried acting and it went well.
  • I am the main organizer of Living Dream Project, where I mostly assisted photographers as a stylist and photo assistant, and organized many photoshoots. I still organize Living Dream Project’s booth at MondoCon.
  • I am a writer, so I wrote many articles for cosplay. Only Hungarians, but I plan to write English articles too!
  • I learnt self knowledge and some basic psychology, and really like to connect this with cosplaying. People have many reasons to dress up to a specific characters, and sadly, some of the people bring their toxic behaviors to the community, but I know why they do this and I can help many people to avoid toxic behaviors.
  • And of course I am working on a great community, where people are friendly and helpful, and they can finally leave or even solve their personal problems and cosplay happily on a convention!

So if you think I am interesting enough for first sight, please, feel free to browse my different portfolios:

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