Cosplay Hostess Portfolio

I really like to cosplay, and I like to work in cosplay too. So some years ago I started to work for different groups as hostess. This page is for my many references!

Hiring cosplayers for hostess works is not too common in Hungary, it just started to grow. But some groups started to build these new bridges and roads, and I was lucky and passionate enough to be with them and start to work for money as a cosplayer.


Lord of the Rings Cosplay Club, Hungary


Laurea Silme in the House of Parliament

My first team was the Hungarian Lord of the Rings Cosplay Club. I cosplayed as my original elf lady (I named her Laurea Silme, which means Golden Starlight in Quenya), that was my very first costume where every part was made by me and had a really positive feedback. I worked with the group in the Hungarian House of Parliament on a Santa Claus event for the worker’s families.

My official team member photo

I appeared in a video with them where we promoted our appearance for a Hungarian movie event in Corvin Mozi (Corvin Cinema), where we greeted the visitors to the cinema in costumes, had a booth for merchandises for team members and made a photo booth where we dressed the visitors in easy costumes (elven robe, gondorian warrior outfit) and made photos of them.

I am not the part of the group anymore, but I am still friends with the group, greet them on events and attend their own events in cosplay.


Outlaws Western Team


Madame Claire – I used my own clothes, only small accessories were borrowed

One of my friends asked for my help with her Western themed stuntman group, because they had not enough team members for some events, and she knew I can do the job very well. I helped them out two times and became a member of the group with my original Madame Claire character, who was a beautiful and elegant Salon Girl. This job way very different, because it was a full weekend job at a Hungarian Western Village. I was an actor with the group, but the others were mostly stuntmen, so they jumped down from high places and fought each other every time, they were really amazing, but they knew that I have to be careful. Let’s say, bruises are not okay when my body must look perfect for a cosplay.

Madame Claire – with another corset and fan

Both visitors and team members liked my act, and I learnt so much! They were surprised that I can scream loudly and act like I am crying my heart out, they were really shocked. Later I had an idea for a new character, Jessica McEvans, who is a simple farmer girl who wanted to learn how to shoot, so she pretended to be a boy, named Jessie Carter.

Not too long after I started to play Jessie, the team had to change the workplace because of financial and personal problems, so they moved to Henrix City, where I had some photoshoots and visited their Christmas event with my friends together, but never had the chance to play any roles again, because none of my characters suited what the employer asked for. He wanted more fights and stuntmen, and didn’t allow to play Salon Girls because the visitors were really different, not children and families but bikers, and they were afraid that playing a Salon Girl would lead to harassment problems. And Jessie was not a big-bad-guy, so she was not really suited for amazing fights. I still think that she was a really comical character and thought that people would love her, but that was not my decision, so I am not the part of the group anymore either.


Jessica McEvans
Jessica McEvans
Jessie Carter









Events Cosplay Team


For now I am part of the Events Cosplay Team, managed by Bejja, who has contacts with many companies. We are invited mostly for gamer events with gamer costumes, but not only. With Events Cosplay Team I worked at V4 Future Sports Fest, at a press conference, and at many PlayIT Show events. I worked for Omen by HP and K&H Bank. At the PlayIT Show in 2019 June (Where I worked for K&H) we took many costumes and costume parts with us, and the visitors had a chance to take them on for a photo with us. They said I really took it seriously, because I brought a big suitcase with me, with many costume parts, I even brought Ahri’s nine tails and made a belt for them so people can wear them for a photo!

I manage now the team’s webpage and I am currently working on a new webpage where all the team members can have their own portfolios.


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