How to invite me

If you want to invite me to your event, here will be what you need to do!

Ask me

For first, you should tell me about your event and that you would like to see me there. After that we can talk about the details! The best is if you write to my facebook page, because I got those messages extra fast, I check Facebook much more often like my e-mail. What information do I need for it? These:

What cosplay would you like to see there?

For first, I need to know about the cosplay. Some of them are under rework or not usable at the moment, so it is really important to know if I can bring or I can finish the rework in time? I can even make a brand new costume for an event if I have enough time for it, but that means extra payment if I didn’t plan to do that costume before.

Where and when will that event be?

The “when” part is really important because I don’t want to say yes for more events on the same day, and as I wrote before, I need to know if I can finish the reworks in time. The “where” part is important because I need to know if I can bring the costume there. For some of my cosplays I need at least a strong guy’s help or I need to bring it with car, because it is not compatible with public transport. If I didn’t plan to go to your event anyway, and it is out of Budapest, I would like to have the trip paid at least. 🙂

Will I get some food and drinks there?

Eating and drinking enough is important for cosplayers! I think events should give at least some sandwiches and water to their cosplayer guests, so I ask at least some free food and drink. I don’t eat too much, don’t worry, and never drink alcohol, so if this event is in a bar, I will only drink lemonade. 😛

Will you invite me for a paid or a free event?

I like free events, they are spreading the awesomeness of cosplay, and there are events for charities. Of course if it is for charity or something like that, I will gladly be a part of the team as I love to be in cosplay around children and help the sick ones, and I gladly help to get donations for people in need! I even go to halloween parties to schools for free! 🙂 But if your event is a well paying event with expensive tickets, you want me as a hostess there and you will get more money with cosplayers, then you should pay the time and effort of the cosplayers! Being a hostess on a well paid event is a work, so it should be paid as a work.

Can I bring friends?

If I go far away, I don’t like to go alone. Sometimes I maybe ask a cosplayer or photographer friend. If we need to go with car to another city but you pay for the trip, I will gladly bring more friends in the car, or at least recommend you to ask them for coming to the event with me! If I need public transport, I would like to bring at least one friend, so I will be not alone on the trip. Okay, it is not a problem for me to go alone, but I don’t really like to travel alone ^^’


So if you want me to go to your event, tell me about it, and I will decide if I ask anything for it or gladly rush there with my cosplay! 🙂

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