Heniko’s Cosplay Portfolio

Her Kuroyukihime Cosplay on MondoCon in 20XX. Photo: XXXX

In 2018 November, while attended VIECC – Vienna Comic Con together in our matching costumes, we found out with Heniko Cosplay that we would love to have many matching costumes. She became my ultimate cosplay partner, and we are planning to attend many conventions together abroad. But she is a really amazing cosplayer in solo too, and I thought I will introduce in my portfolio too, hoping that she will get more attention (which she truly deserves!)

The start

She attended her first anime convention in 2007 and fell in love with the feeling of conventions and the colorful cosplays immediately. After two conventions she started to make her own cosplay from wardrobe, but her first self-made costume came in 2011. She decided to join the cosplay contest on MondoCon too where she earned the “Jury’s favorite” nomination. That meant no stop for the future!

In the following years she made many cosplays, joined many cosplay contests on Hungarian conventions and won many nominations and prizes. She really loves to make original costumes and has amazing ideas for these! She made many creative and beautiful original costumes since she started to cosplay. She also loved to make huge accessories, which gave epic look to her thin shape.

Her Mera cosplay in 2019, taken in the Aquarium. Photo: Czinege Photography


She has not too much time because her working schedule, so she started to do cosplay modelling instead of crafting, but she does well with this too! She still makes her smaller accessories and loves cosplaying. She even made a challenge to have a photoshoot in every month in 2019 and it looks like she will overdo this challenge!

Nominations and prizes

2011. Mondocon Autumn – Jury’s favorite prize
2012. Mondocon Spring – Nomination for best accessory
2012. Anime Christmas – Best Original Costume prize
2013. Mondocon Summer – Craftmanship – Best Original Costume Nomination
2014. Mondocon Autumn – Craftmanship – Best Costume prize
2016. Mondocon Autumn – Craftmanship – Audience’s Favorite Nomination
2016. Anime Christmas – Cosplay Gala – Best Costume prize

Generation of Legends

Her original Peacock Goddess costume on VIECC – Vienna Comic Con in 2017. Photo: Hagakure Photography

She is also part of the dance group, she is nominated for the most beautiful girl in the group by other members (shortly: Visual – named after K-pop trends). She is the fastest with new team cosplays, if we decide to have a new group outfit, she finishes it first, even when she has to overwork. She has a great taste for style and creating her own outfit. When she decides to do a new costume, she just can’t rest until it is finished!

Abroad conventions

She likes to travel for conventions abroad too and works really hard to earn the money for paying it. She is a silent but watching type, she enjoys to listen to other cosplayers while they are talking. She knows very well how to appear on stage, or just walk like a model or diva, but she is still very-very modest and friendly. She earned so many nominations and made so much amazing costumes but she is still not full with herself. With her many friends we call her the “Shwitzerland of cosplay” for a reason! Her dream is to be invited to a convention abroad as a guest, and I hope I can help her to achieve this ream one day!

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Twitch: heniko

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