My Stories

I really love to write stories. I have very much in my mind and started to write some of them. As a cosplayer, I would like to see the characters I made in real life too, so it will happen that we make some fun photos of them. This part of my cosplay page is only for sharing some fun photos, most of them are made only for expressions and bringing a character to life. They are not really “big costumes”, because most of my characters in my stories wear normal clothes (blouses with skirts, or shirts and pants), so these are really only some random clothes with a wig. I don’t do these to be the most awesome costume-maker in the world. I do this to practice my acting skills with photos, see my characters not only in my head, and show to my readers some of them. More friends are reading these stories (they are only available in Hungarian now, sorry, but I will write about the characters on their pages), and they asked me to do these photos! 🙂

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