Gazelle (human version)

Gazelle is the first cosplay where I saw only a trailer to a movie and I shouted “cosplay” immediately! I knew from the first scene that THIS will be one of my favorites! I rushed to finish it to a summer convention, because it is… not too warm as you see. I didn’t find the perfect materials and had only one picture to use as reference, and had no time to finish my antlers. Some months ago I found a better textile (with flitters and it was cheap), and I realized how much mistakes I made, so now I will redo this dress and finally finish the antlers and have some photos with a full body paint too! 🙂

Q & A:

Is it hard to wear it? – Only the shoes. They are still high heels and not hooves, Gazelle wears heels too, but high heels are never really comfortable. The dress is super comfy, and looks perfect while moving! :3 I think the antlers will have some problems because they are huge…

Is it available now for a convention? – Not really now, I can take it on if it is REALLY needed, but I don’t want to take this outfit to a convention before the new version is ready… And of course I need a warm place to wear too…

Is it hard to bring this cosplay to far away? – Nope. I can easily pack it in a backpack or suitcase, or in a small bag. No ironing needed.

Will you upgrade this cosplay? – as you see, I am already working on a major upgrade. For more photos of the new armor’s work in progress photos follow me on social media! I even want a cute little tail what I can flip around like she did on the concert 🙂

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