Galaxina was my ultimate cosplay dream! All of us want to cosplay at least once the character who gave the cosplayer’s name, this was no difference for me!

She is my very own character. I became who I am because of her. I made Galaxina for an online Roleplay Game, and soon she became my online nickname, and I made “her” in lot of games (that means all my main healer heroes had the same name in all the games with nearly same look – where I had the chance to do it 😀 ) Now she became a main Guardian Spirit in my very own fantasy universe, Arientala. I made Arientala with my friends, it has a lot of races and subraces, and much more Guardian Spirits (instead of Gods). Galaxina is the first Angel, this way she became the Guardian Spirit of angels, with the power of protecting all the people (“arientels”) who ask for it. She has ankle-length blonde hair and a bright personality, she is really helpful but knows very well that she can’t help people who don’t want her help. She is happy if the people can protect themselves and their beloved ones, and they do all what they can do, but gladly helps if a person realizes the need of her help.

Q & A:

Is it hard to wear it? – Yes! I need at least one helper all day to wear her, because the wings and big skirt doesn’t allow me to do everything. It is hard to sit down and the wings are really heavy, so after the day I have some back pain. But I LOVE to wear it! I usually have white sneakers on, because the shoes are not visible under the skirt, that helps a lot to have some comfort 🙂

Is it available now for a convention? – Of course! For any convention where there is a lot of space for me to move. So if this convention is a small one in a small basement with a lot of doors, I can’t bring her, but if it is outside (when there is a nice weather) or in a big place with big doors, then it is no problem!

Is it hard to bring this cosplay to far away? – Just a little bit. I can fold the wings and put it and my dress in a car too, but I can only take it with a car. Public transport is not an option.

Will you upgrade this cosplay? – Just the wings. I want to do something for making it more comfortable and I need to hide how it is attached to my body, and I need hell a lot more feathers to the top part! I ruined some feathers at the bottom, so I want to replace them too… These wings are no joke… really… :/

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