Tony Stark

This cosplay started as a joke. There is a Hungarian cosplayer who had an awesome crossplay to dr. Strange, and I am really into her work! On a smaller event where she won the cosplay contest with that costume, I was totally fangirling around her costume, and we talked about my Maria Hill outfit and that I can’t wear it now since I have blue hair and no wig for her. I said goodbye and wanted to go away to do something else, stepped out of a door and got the big idea, so Iran away and told her that I will do a Tony Stark cosplay, because if she can be an awesome Strange and soooo handsome, maybe I can be a handsome Tony too, and the two handsome-bearded-played-Sherlock-too guys would be awesome together as crossplays. So next week I did it with painted beard, and for Mondocon Autumn 2017 I researched how I can have a real beard. I even searched for his Mandarin Mansion and Save Pepper outfit, because I really liked that style and of course I made the reactor too.  For the beard I got some help from Paszuly, and found the presentation of MadMiyo with a lot of tips for doing the beard. The reactor was totally easy!

Q & A:

Is it hard to wear it? – Yup. The outfit is REALLY comfy and warm anyway, but for the reactor I need to do the open chest version of chest binding and then glue it on very well. It is really hard to wear it all day…

Is it available now for a convention? – Yes, but it needs some repair if you want me to shine ;P And I need hell a lot of time to make the beard :’)

Is it hard to bring this cosplay to far away? – Absolutely not! It is not even a big and hard pack.

Will you upgrade this cosplay? – Of course. I want to have some parts of M42, a hand and a leg at least, or some scars if I want to represent the “save Pepper” scenes ^^

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